Day 4 yielded some lovely nail caviar! Whee! This textured manicure is what made ciate famous.

Coupled with ‘Cupcake Queen’ from earlier in the calendar and O.P.I’s ‘A Grape Fit!’, aka Lumpy Space Princess purple, I had a bit of a play with the pearls and different ways of doing the manicure.

I struggled with these even though I was really excited about them. I think it was the colour mix rather than the caviar itself. The blue element made it difficult to pick a colour to go with it. I think I actually prefer it with the purple, though it looked cute on the pink. I also made a pigs ear of the pink hand, so that probably has something to do with it! I think this product needs more playing with at my end… Whee!

Having said that, I love the full nail caviar as a feature nail, or the ‘French’ style dip. Here are some tips for a caviar manicure.

You will need:
Base coat
Colour of your choice
Nail caviar/pearls/sprinkles of your choice
A dish to catch the leftover pearls
A funnel (usually provided) to get the spares back in to the bottle
Top coat.

Full nail:
1- paint one coat of your chosen colour over your base coat and wait for it to dry.
2- paint a second coat of colour on to one nail and, whilst wet, pour the caviar over it generously. Do this over a dish so as not to waste the overflow.
3- immediately press the caviar into the wet polish with an even, gentle pressure. Leave to dry for 10-15 mins, during which time you can repeat the process on your other nails as required.
4- take your topcoat and dab along the edge of your nail to seal in the caviar there. Don’t paint all over or the colours will bleed.

1- apply base coat and two coats of colour as you would for a normal polish.
2- when dry, apply your topcoat to one nail.
3- whilst this is still wet, dip your fingertip into your caviar dish, coating the tip in pearls. Press down with an even pressure
4- allow to dry for 10-15 minutes, during which time you can work on your other nails as required.
5- when dry, daub the edge of the nail with topcoat to seal in the pearls.

This is not a long lasting manicure- even sealed at the edge the pearls get torn out on clothes, brushing against things etc. If you paint the whole nail with topcoat, the colour in the pearls often bleeds and they lose a lot of their sparkle. They will stay on better, but still. All in all, these are for an evening, not a day, out, no matter how fun they look. Boo.